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A diagram of a woman showing the 7 charka symbols and labeled with the 7 charkasChakra Reading & Balancing

Psychic Vivian Tyson works with the 7 Chakras to balance all the facets of life and remove negative forces such as jealousy and confusion.  If you are unfamiliar with the Charkas, see the diagram to the right to see where the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra are located.  Each Chakra is associated with an area of the body, a color, and has influence over an emotional aspect of life.  When all of your Chakras are balanced or aligned, then life is good, feels right, and allows you to be happy and successful in every aspect of life.  But when your Chakras are out of alignment, that is when problems begin.  When it seems everyday is a bad day, when nothing goes your way, you could experience depression, anxiety or other negativity.

Psychic Vivian is able to read the status of her client's Chakras and guide her clients on how to put the Chakras back into balance.  She helps her clients to go through everyday life without blockages standing in their path.  Psychic Vivian provides guidance with health issues, aches, and pains as well as emotional problems and life's struggles.  Her ultimate goal is to make a clear pathway in her client's life which leads to success, happiness, and the ability to achieve their goals.  Call for pricing and details.


Angel tarot card desk next to multiple candles including a cherub angel candle.Angel Tarot Card Reading

Psychic Vivian Tyson's Angel Tarot Card Reading focuses on the future.  She is able to predict what will surround her clients in the future and guide them in their experiences in life.  She is able to help bring about the desired outcome when focusing on one's family, love, career, marriage, health, or any of life's other aspects that are important to her clients.  Psychic Vivian can also see people from her client's past that have passed away.  She reads how the cards fall and doesn't hold back on any details, so be prepared to hear the cold hard truth whatever it may be.  During an Angel Tarot Card Reading the client may ask 3 questions that concern them the most.  Psychic Vivian Tyson uses the information from the Angel Tarot Cards as well as her psychic gifts to give the most accurate and detailed answers and reading that she is able.  Call for pricing and details.


A photo of 2 people's hands together while one person gives the other a palm reading.  A candle and crystal ball sit nearby.Palm Reading

Psychic Vivian Tyson's Palm Reading focuses primarily on what is happening in a client's life at this time; the present.  A Palm Reading, also known as Palmistry, uses the lines on the palms of one's hands to assess many aspects of life.  Psychic Vivian is able to tell how long her client is going to live.  She can read their health line to see illness or health.  She is able to see the strength and direction of their career (such as if they would be a good lawyer or doctor).  Psychic Vivian can see what skills and strengths they have in life, how they're gifted, and what they should do in life.  She is also able to see details about their love life, marriage, and divorce.  A Palm Reading must be done in person.  Call for pricing and details.



Two cupped hands holding a variety of colorful gemstones.Crystal Reading

Psychic Vivian Tyson's Crystal Reading involves 6 crystal stones which her client will carry in their hands and then drop.  Psychic Vivian is able to read the stones in the way that they land.  She reads their vibration.  She finds out the person's energy level, how they can perform, what they can handle.  She is able to tell what type of job they are best suited for and see their skills and strengths.  Psychic Vivian can tell what they want, what they can accomplish, and their goals.  Call for pricing and details.




Illustration of a beautiful psychic woman with a third eye in the center of her forehead.ESP Mind Reading

Psychic Vivian Tyson's ESP Mind Reading focuses on the client's past and present.  She is able to see what is in their mind, what's worrying them, what things that are bothering them.  She can see their fears in life and people in their life they are worried about.  Once assessing her clients troubles, Psychic Vivian Tyson is able to provide guidance on how to find happiness and resolve problems in her client's life.  She is able to use her Psychic gift to see clearly the best path forward toward a happy future.  Call for pricing and details.


Psychic Vivian Tyson is also a Medium which means she is able to communicate with the dead.  As a Medium, Vivian will contact 3 people from her client's life that have passed on and pass along messages on from those deceased loved ones.  Call for pricing and details.



Tarot Cards laid out on a table with candles* Special Combination Reading *

Can't decide which reading suites you best?  Start with Psychic Vivian's Combination Reading.  You will get an ESP Mind Reading, 2 Palms, and a Tarot Card Reading.  You will find out about your past, present, and future.  She will give you details on your love life, career, family, friends, wealth, health, and more!  For a limited time this reading is at the special low rate of $50 (regularly $100).  Call for details.



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